Founder's Favorites Variety Bo

Founder's Favorites Variety Bo


You see, the inspiration behind crafting this assortment box stems from the many inquiries I receive as the owner about my personal favorite blondie. My standard reply is, "A mother never chooses." But on a more serious note, why would I offer you something if I wasn't absolutely enamored with it? Truth be told, I have a genuine affection for every single one of our flavors, and this box offers a delightful sampling of our essential lineup.

What’s in the box?

strawberry rosé: The strawberry rosé blondie is that wholesome all-American girl who rocks cowboy boots and cutoff jean shorts (jorts?), but also “summers” in Paris, if you catch my drift. Traditional tastes of fresh strawberry coulis and Bourbon vanilla are elevated by exotic ingredients like pink pitaya powder and fabulously sweet wine. This delicately beautiful bite is topped off with a rosé glaze because … we fancy like that.

s'mores: Campfire, but make it fashion. This is how you eat a s’mores if you’re a classy broad who doesn't like to roast your food on a stick in the woods (fork - please & thank you). The s’mores blondie is that nostalgic combo of toasted marshmallows, crumbly graham crackers and gooey chocolate. This classic treat tastes just like your childhood (but, like, if you were glamping).

brooklyn blackout (gluten-free): If one blacked out in Brooklyn, and woke up next to a box of brooklyn blackouts, one would praise the Brunch Gods and top off their mimosa. The signature butterscotch and cocoa noir base is topped off with a 72% couverture ganache and chocolate sprinkles. This chocolate-on-chocolate, daringly dark blondie will have you asking questions like “Hersey who?” and “Godiva? Never heard of her.” Flipping your understanding of what a “blondie” is on its head (PSA: these are not “gluten-free brownies”), this dark diva is bold enough to represent the concrete jungle in a 1x1 bite. Yeah, I said it. 

cinnamon sugar: This is the blondie version of a snickerdoodle cookie who didn’t go to state school. She’s got substance and expensive taste (sorry, European butter only, thanks), but at the end of the day, she’s still a snack. A rich, buttery blondie is topped off with just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar for a well-rounded, memorable bite. If you want to understand what this tastes like, just imagine if Cinnamon Toast Crunch had an Amex and drove a Benz (okay, I see you).

birthday cake: If you want to celebrate your birthday, but you’re much too sophisticated for a box cake, I have a solution for you. This birthday cake blondie recipe is like if your childhood nostalgia came back from winter break with a Gucci bag and a bold lip (who is she?!). **Cocoa noir blondies with vanilla cake batter filling tossed in confetti are everything you need to celebrate your greatness.

**Read: Oreo-inspired blondie sammich with rainbow sprinks (because every bad b*tche needs a li’l pop of “YAS!” on their birthday).

pecan and salted caramel: Bakers all around the country got together in a Facebook group and agreed that this blondie is better than their own recipes. And if I do say so myself, I agree.  A chewy butterscotch blondie with Guittard chocolate chips is topped off with a decadent salted caramel ganache and toasted pecans. This blondie recipe was what started Blondery and took 10 years to develop. The nutty, buttery, sweet and salty notes, making it clear why our customers call this blondie the OG. .

red velvet: If you’re like me, you eat gold. Okay relax, not actual bricks of gold. But a 24K edible gold leaf? Yes, please!  And if we’re being honest, the red velvet blondie deserves to wear this edible crown. These royal red beauties are crafted from Valrhona cocoa, mascarpone, red beet powder, and bourbon vanilla. Luscious-yet-light filling is sandwiched between two layers of red velvet blondies, all topped off with a flashy pop of gold. Perfect for the holidays or for your boo-boo on Valentine’s Day, because nothing says “I love you” like red, white and gold.

sweet potato (plant-based): If this blondie had its way, it would be leaf peeping in a flannel whilst drinking a pumpkin spiced latte on a scenic mountain. Warm fall flavors inspire this plant-based beauty, making for a seasonally relevant and wonderfully festive bite (best enjoyed with friends around a cozy fire). Cinnamon, nutmeg, and Madagascar vanilla collide with gorgeous purple yams (ube) to create a ~legit beautiful~ vegan blondie that would be welcomed at any gathering


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