Pumpkin Chai 11 Layer Cake (gluten-free)

Pumpkin Chai 11 Layer Cake (gluten-free)

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This is not “a” cake, this is “the” cake. From top to bottom, every single layer is intentional - each layer serves its own purpose, while working in harmony with the others to create edible fabulousness. We’ve got pumpkin butter and vanilla buttercreams, mapple cake, cream cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds and pecans, and pumpkin chai blondies - I mean, all I can say is “yes.” Not to mention, the cake is absolutely gorgeous to look at. Stacked to the sky with chocolate and golden hues, it’s truly an unforgettable centerpiece for any table. Sitting pretty at six inches in diameter, the cake feeds 6-12 people (or keep it all for yourself - that’s okay, too).


11-ish layers (not necessarily in this order):

gluten-free maple cake
toasted pumpkin seeds
pumpkin butter buttercream
pumpkin chai blondie
cream cheese frosting
toasted pecans


okay, but.
gluten-free disclaimer
Here’s the thing. We’re not a gluten-free bakery, so we can’t ensure that cross-contamination will never occur. That said, we do our best and have processes in place to minimize cross-contamination. Inevitably, there’s still a touch of gluten glitter floating in the air and sprinkled on our worksurfaces. So, if you’re a Celiac and/or highly sensitive to gluten, give us a shout, and we’ll do our best to take extra care with your order. We can’t guarantee that your order won’t touch gluten somewhere in the process, but we’ll be damned if we don’t try.