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Baked to perfection in our state-of-the-art kitchen facility located in Hudson Valley, our treats are sure to WOW everyone on your list.

Send Multiple Gifts, Easily

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Perfect gifts for every occasion. From birthday parties to holiday gatherings and everything in between, discover heartfelt gifts to make the day amazing.

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Customize, schedule, and send gift orders with precision, ensuring freshness and convenience. Our meticulous gift-wrapping and discreet packaging reflect our commitment to quality and privacy.

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In general, all orders placed before 11:59 PM EST on Sunday will ship the following week on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

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How/when will my order be delivered?

We ship orders Monday - Thursday. If you purchased a pre-order it will ship within the stated timeframe. Please DO NOT email us and ask when your order will ship. This slows us down. 

DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. We are unable to accommodate address changes.

Please provide a secure address where you can receive your order.

We cannot control the mail. Please know that we do everything we can to ensure your treats arrive on time. We will mail your treats on Wednesday by 2-day Express. If there is a delay in arrival, we will work with the courier to get you your treats ASAP, but the mail isn't perfect. We promise to do our part.

What are blondies?

We characterize blondies by their butterscotch foundation instead of a chocolate one. We have elevated them from their usual secondary status to the star of the show.

What size(s) are the blondies?

All blondies are cut to 1x1 inch pieces but sometimes they may be a little off because we are still hand-cutting them as of now. A blondie cutting machine is being manifested.

Can I include a personalized gift message with my order?

See here on how to add a gift note:

What is the best way to taste Blondery blondies?

Serve Blondery blondies at room temperature. This brings out the full character and bouquet of each flavor. We recommend pairing with still spring water or red wine. Blondery blondies are best consumed immediately.

Do all your blondies contain dairy/sugar/peanuts?

Blondery offers gluten-free and vegan versions (seasonally) of our blondies. We do bake with flour, dairy, sugar, pecans on the premises, so Blondery is NOT recommended for those with severe allergies to these ingredients.

Custom & Special Orders?

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