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Case Study: Thoughtful client gifting

Client gifting doesn’t have to be boring or challenging. It comes down to understanding your clients and how a particular gift can delight, go above and beyond their expectations, and establish them as a lifelong customer.

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The best Lemon Bar Recipe

If you caught our Material Kitchen IG Takeover then you know these lemon bars are lip smacking good! Make ahead of time and bring to the next BBQ or gathering. You'll make a lot of new friends ;)

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Vegan Butter Recipe

I've tried most of the vegan butter sold in grocery stores and between the ingredients and taste there was also something left to be desired. And I will never sacrifice flavor or quality so I figured I'd make my own. This recipe has all natural coconut milk, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and xanthan gum. 

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What are blondies?

Some would describe a blondie as butterscotch based. I like the sound of that but I’m afraid most people relate butterscotch to those candies that ladies in church gave out. Quaint but too sweet and not the flavor profile I am looking for in a blondie. Although, the definition of butter scotch is melting butter with brown sugar (remind me to share my butterscotch pudding recipe with you all one day, mind-blowing!).

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