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Blondie Trim Bundle (Three - 4oz packs)

Blondie Trim Bundle (Three - 4oz packs)

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I like to call the blondie trim bundle my “beautiful bag of misfits.” These are all of my blondie babies - corners, edges, trim, you name it - that just didn't make the cut. Some pieces are crispy, some are soft, some are gooey - all are delicious and need a home (ideally in your stomach). No two bags are the same (like snowflakes or freckles, awe!) and that's what makes the blondie trim bundle so damn adorable.

Here's the thing: One flavor per bag and bags are selected at random (so tbh if you order a bundle, you may get two of the same flavor). Best suited for those who are not picky and those who celebrate “flaws” in the art of yum. 

Flavors may include:
strawberry rosé
red velvet
birthday cake
pecan and salted caramel
brooklyn blackout (gluten-free)
cinnamon sugar

and other test kitchen exclusives

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