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Box of Chocolates

We make blondies so you're probably wondering why on earth would WE do a box of chocolates. Isn't that directly antithetical to the entire premise of Blondery? Maybe but we did it anyway. Some of these flavors you all have been asking for a while and some, well one, may be familiar to you. Either way, this box is very much on theme with the whole Valentine's Day thing but if you aren't celebrating this year, it's always a good time to treat yourself. Cheers boo! 

Mocha Blondies:

We figured it was time to make a mocha blondie. As a lover of mocha from a certain siren-led coffee brand, I like to taste the cocoa AND the chocolate. This blondie does just that. And before you ask, yes it's still a blondie even though it looks like that other thing people make. We used a TON of dark roast coffee grinds and soaked them in our butter because when the chocolate is rich, you can't afford to be skimpy. We topped each piece with a chocolate drizzle and a chocolate coffee bean we make in-house. 

Cheesecake Blondies:

I have a confession. One of my favorite things to eat is cream cheese. Yep, by itself. So forgive me if this blondie is a little heavy on the cream cheese part but I couldn't resist combining our dark chocolate blondie with the tangy cream cheese and letting them mingle and get familiar for a bit. Too often "cream cheese brownies" just have a little measly swirl and its right time we allow them to be equals! Let them stand side by side in all their glory and rule together. 

The Brodie:

The brownie finally meets the blondie in the best way possible. We truly believe we are the only bakery that could do this justice. Why? Because we recognize the similarities both have without underplaying the importance of their individuality. We like to think of this pairing as that one power couple you know. So different and yet so similar we all are in awe of how they are even together. Or how did they even live without each other? 

Brooklyn Blackout:

If one blacked out in Brooklyn, and woke up next to a box of brooklyn blackouts, one would praise the Brunch Gods and top off their mimosa. The signature butterscotch and cocoa noir base is topped off with a 72% couverture ganache and chocolate sprinkles. This chocolate-on-chocolate, daringly dark blondie will have you asking questions like “Hersey who?” and “Godiva? Never heard of her.” Flipping your understanding of what a “blondie” is on its head (PSA: these are not “gluten-free brownies”), this dark diva is bold enough to represent the concrete jungle in a 1x1 bite. Yeah, we said it.

okay, but.
gluten-free disclaimer
Here’s the thing. We’re not a gluten-free bakery, so we can’t ensure that cross-contamination will never occur. That said, we do our best and have processes in place to minimize cross-contamination. Inevitably, there’s still a touch of gluten glitter floating in the air and sprinkled on our worksurfaces. So, if you’re a Celiac and/or highly sensitive to gluten we recommend skipping this box since it comes into direct contact with gluten-filled items.  

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